Industrial associations


We believe that we have earned our place as a supplier to high-tech businesses in a country with a long-standing tradition of precision mechanics and mechanical engineering. We have defined the market segments that we want to work in. In markets, where we do not rate amongst the best, we use supply chain partnership. This way we can make sure that we offer customer-oriented products at fair prices. This suggests supply chain partnerships not only for precision mechanics, but also for interdisciplinary industries.

We have a training partnership with Soudronic Ltd, a company located in Bergdietikon. Soudronic Ltd and Gebr Braem Ltd share their resources to train their apprentices. The apprentices benefit from this arrangement by having to cope early with a variety of work environments, which enhances their social skills. They are able to profit from the advantages in our company, as well as from those of our bigger partner Soudronic, which trains approximately 40 apprentices.

In this regard, we live by the motto: get the best out of everything and everyone.

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