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One of the company’s main goals is to deliver required quality at a high level of productivity.

The company has been investing in intelligent presetting cells and standardized universal tooling systems, which aim to support a flexible manufacturing process and consistently take a step forward towards standardising and organising the production sequence.

Standardised interfaces for tools and work pieces provide the basis for meaningful automation. This requires a tooling system that is set solidly with a high degree of repeatability.

The second-most important step is to clearly separate the set-up from the working process: we invested early in 3D presetting cells, in which tools and frames used for the working process are measured and fitted with work pieces. Set-up times are drastically reduced and machines are used to better capacity.
The third step converts these machines into intelligent manufacturing cells that will insert work pieces into the cells unattended at night and on weekends.

Newest 3D CAM-programs aiding the job preparation and engineering process for the milling and the EDM departments complement the flexible manufacturing system, which results in an integrated CIM process sequence by utilising the DNC system.

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